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Junho 17 2009

CMF1: Get real man!
CMF2: What are you trying to say, that I’m not for real?
CMF1: Are you?
CMF2: Well, I like to think so.
CMF1: So, you don’t know for sure.
CMF2: Yes I do.
CMF1: And how can you tell?
CMF2: I’m here talking to you...
CMF1: Besides that...that not much of a proof.
CMF2: Of course it is, but I can tell you more...a refuse to live a lie...and lying.
CMF1: You telling me that who lies is not for real.
CMF2: Well, they are, but their lives aren’t much.
CMF1: Now figure this, if people that lie are also part of your life, its gota mean you life is not as real as you are trying to say.
CMF2: You have a point there, people that lie screw with our life’s, that’s why they’re only part of my life…and not part me.
CMF1: Are you on drugs?
CMF2: No…should I? You think it could help? I’ve never experienced.
CMF1: Maybe…drugs are for real.
CMF2: They are, but they keep you from reality.
CMF1: How can you say that if you’ve never tried?
CMF2: I’ve seen the effect on others.
CMF1: Do you think people lie because they’re on drugs?
CMF2: I don’t know, I don’t have all the answers. It’s a possibility, or maybe they use drugs to forget the fact that they’re nothing but liars.
CMF1: Wow! So, if you wanna know if someone’s a liar, all you gota do is ask if they’re on drugs. That’s genius, I really think you’re a genius man.
CMF2: Thanks man, I think you’re a genius too.
CMF1: Wait! If they’re liars, they won’t confess it.
CMF2: I know, but if you give them drugs and wait they take effect, then you can ask, because then they’ll tell the truth.
CMF1: You’re really a genius man.
CMF2: Thanks man! I’ve said it already, you’re a genius too.
CMF1: So, everybody should take drugs, not to forget they’re liars, but to always tell the truth.
CMF2: Forget the dam drugs man…but, maybe you’re right. And you? Are you on drugs?
CMF1: Yep?
CMF2: Me too, I lied.
CMF1: But…but, you said that drugs made people tell the truth.
CMF2: I know…I run out, can you spare me some.
CMF1: Of course man, what are friends for…
CMF2: Cool.
CMF1: Cool.
CMF2: I’ve I told you you’re a genius?


These two characters, CMF1 (Crazy Mother Fucker 1) and CMF2 (Crazy Mother Fucker 2), whish you all a nice life and want to remind you that drugs are bad for your health and you should keep away from it. They swear it on the mothership that brought them to planet earth and which they were waiting for, while having this conversation.



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Nice talking!
They are not REAL but I am!
And I wish you a nice life, too!
CMF3 a 18 de Junho de 2009 às 23:48

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